May 6TH

Pathways to Progress Six Book Challenge

The Pathways to Progress students have taken part in the Six Book Challenge and Kirsty Kirkwood has completed the challenge!  Kirsty was a keen reader when she was younger but had not really read anything recently. The Six Book Challenge has inspired Kirsty to start reading again.

Kirsty’s favourite book was “A Lily, a Rose”, by Sally Nicholls. She has also read the following books:

  • “Dog is for Life” by Ann Ruffell
  • “The Brave Bunny” by Lucy Daniels
  • “How to be a Pop Star” by David Orme
  • “Africa” by Leila Merrell
  • “At the Animal Hospital” by Ruth Thomson
  • “Diving Dolphin” by Karen Wallace

Kirsty is now starting her seventh book and is showing no sign of stopping. She is hoping to fill another Six Book diary by the end of the year. The library has an ever growing section for learners who had difficulty reading.  Kirsty said, “I never really liked reading before. I didn’t understand the books. I really understand and enjoy reading these ones. I am very proud”. 

Many other Pathways to Progress students are visiting the library to choose their sixth book and are looking set to join the 35,000 other readers nationwide who are expected to complete this year’s challenge.

Many of the students have found the challenge has not only helped them to gain a new love of reading but it is also improving their confidence in the classroom.

All of the learners are looking forward to the Six Book Challenge award ceremony which will take place at Moulton College on 22nd May. Good luck everyone!