May 13TH

Short Courses in Functional Skills

Moulton College has been running some short courses in Functional Skills English and Maths at Spectrum since October 2013

Spectrum is a registered charity which supports  adults 18+ with learning difficulties, disabilities and mental health issues, Spectrum provides vocational, work based sessions, including life-skills, mentoring and stimulating, structured opportunities in a warm, supporting safe environment.

The centre provides clients with the chance to learn workplace skills and to build and maintain good working habits including regular attendance and timekeeping. This can lead to employment opportunities, work placements and voluntary posts. Gaining practical skills and confidence is a key part of finding work in the open market, as is teamwork and communication skills.

Moulton College has offered the clients attending Spectrum the opportunity to gain qualifications in Functional Skills English and Maths at Entry Level. The courses focus on skills needed in everyday work and social situations.

The Functional Skills English course covers different reading and spelling strategies, planning and writing instructions, letters and different types of text, as well as developing listening and discussion skills. 

The Functional Skills Maths course covers practical maths skills including calculating with whole numbers, fractions and percentages, ratios and scale, measuring shape and space, as well as using statistics and presenting data.

This venture has proven to be very successful and enjoyable for all, with 100% of the clients participating achieving an Entry Level qualification in English and hopefully we will have similar results with the Maths course.