May 19TH

Vaulting takes off at Moulton College

Tuesday the 13th May saw Moulton College host the first ever Vaulting Intercollege Competition. Two colleges were involved, Moulton College and Warwickshire College. Julie Newell, the Moulton College Vaulting Academy coach and the English Vaulting squad coach, also coaches the students at Warwickshire College.  Moulton and Warwickshire College are the only colleges in the country to offer Vaulting as an extra curricula activity.

The competition started at 2pm with Warwickshire College drawing to go first in the compulsory phase of the competition. This is where each vaulter is judged on posture, body control, ease of movement and balance. There are 6 vaulters on each squad and each vaulter must complete the compulsory routine. The horse is in canter and the vaulters kneel on the horse, and pass their legs over the front of the horse to sit sideways on both sides of the horse. Both teams performed their compulsory routine before moving onto the freestyle.

Warwickshire College went first again for their freestyle. They had a range of music styles and carried out some challenging lifts and positions on the horse, Boris. Moulton College did their freestyle to the theme tune for Harry Potter. Their catsuits were embroidered with the colours of the four Harry Potter houses. The moves they carried out for their freestyle were more complicated and the sequences were very difficult but the Moulton College Vaulting Academy team, made it look effortless! The team consisted of Corinne Bottley, Merryn Lynes, Katie Betts, Emily Curtis, Tara Crick and Sarah East.

The competition then progressed from the horse to the barrel. This element is graded on creativity whereas the freestyle involving the horse is graded on the mounting and dismounting from the horse, as well as the creativity of the routine.

It was a tense time whilst the judge added up the scores, as both teams had performed brilliantly and had creative and inventive routines! The overall result showed that Moulton College won the compulsory and freestyle section and Warwickshire College won the barrel competition, which meant that Moulton College were the champions!

Tara Crick from Moulton College said, “This routine is much harder than the one we performed when we were crowned English Pre-Novice Champions but I think this result shows that we performed it well and we feel as a squad, that it is good enough to win another championship with!”

The Moulton College Vaulting Academy has another competition on the 21st June, being held at Moulton College and involving other Vaulting groups from around the country. The English Championships, where the Moulton College Vaulting Academy was crowned Pre-Novice Champions, are being held at Moulton College in September. We look forward to welcoming home another trophy!

For more information on the Vaulting Academy and courses at Moulton College please contact Student Services on 01604 491131 or check out our website