Oct 20TH

Equine Ground Schooling Exercises

Second year Equine Therapy BSc and FdSc degree students are studying a module called Practical Rehabilitation Skills this year. In this week’s session, they learnt about the different ground schooling exercises that can be used when returning a horse from injury, beginning with the training of a young horse or helping to keep a more mature horse physically and mentally fit and healthy.

Students set up several activities with their lecturer Sarah Parkinson and discussions were focused around the use of the activities in relation to specific issues horses may have.

The students assessed college  horse Robbie, through each activity and discussed the effect of the exercise on the horse’s movement and proprioception. The exercises are designed to improve flexibility, limb coordination, balance and general obedience. Students were able to observe Robbie’s approach to these exercises as well as recognise the improvements he made.

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