Oct 20TH

Wind in their Sails!

With a successful first half-term nearly completed, the students on the Outdoor Adventure course at Moulton College have settled in well and still have a lot to look forward to! Not only have they embarked on an up to date industry appropriate vocational course but they have also already taken part in sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and skiing practical sessions!

The Outdoor Adventure course boasts outstanding facilities, opportunities and students.  Learners currently enjoy the privileges of being involved in practical activities undertaken at the indoor ski slope at the SnoZone! Centre in Milton Keynes, the Pinnacle Climbing Centre in Northampton, the Northampton Sailing Club at the Pitsford Reservoir and at the Nene White Water Centre close to Northampton town centre. The aim of the practical activities undertaken at these facilities is to enable the students to develop specific activity related skills and hone a variety of talents in a range of outdoor pursuits.

Recently, with the ever growing trend of incorporating technology in every facet of our lives and the ever increasing demand to publicly broadcast each and every event, a member of the Outdoor Adventure group decided to document the experience of one of their practical activities on film. A technically imperfect example of a student from the Outdoor Adventure group sailing at the Northampton Sailing Club at the Pitsford Reservoir was filmed using a GoPro video camera. The student utilised their technological flair, IT know how and upbeat attitude to capture the exhilaration and excitement of sailing.  The video which was filmed, directed, edited, produced and broadcast by the talented Outdoor Adventure student can be viewed by using the following URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4pkS_JON4Q    

Not only has the learner demonstrated that they are technically developing and continuing to develop their technical sailing skills but they have begun to explore an ever expanding avenue within the outdoor industry, that of extreme sport and outdoor adventure photography and filming. A prime example of the key ingredient making the most of their interests, skills and talents.

Our challenge to you is to be the director of your own success story! Be a part of something that aims to develop more than just the necessary skills and techniques but endeavour to ignite the potential of the individual. Cultivate your knowledge, skills and talents through a course at Moulton College. Come and visit Moulton College on the 25th of October 2014 to talk through the opportunities available on the Outdoor Adventure course!