Dec 18TH

Ofsted judge Moulton College's residential provision to be good

Moulton College, which has accommodation for over 300 students to live on site at its Moulton campus, has just been awarded a ‘good’ rating for all aspects of its residential provision for under 18 year olds. 

The College is delighted with this outcome which highlighted a number of strengths including safeguarding practices which were recognised to be at the heart of all practice in the college.  Ofsted also acknowledged the excellent support for students provided by the College staff and saw that the residential service provides students with positive life experiences which help ensure they are well prepared for future employment or higher education.

All areas examined were rated ‘good’ by Ofsted including leadership and management, safeguarding, quality of service and outcomes for students.  As a result Ofsted judged the residential accommodation to be ‘good’ for overall effectiveness.

Principal Stephen Davies commented, “We are delighted with the outcome of this inspection which recognises the excellent work our staff do to support our residential students to achieve their full potential.  As a specialist College our residential accommodation is a critical part of our offer allowing students who live further away to study with us.  I was really pleased to hear that our students had told inspectors that our “Student Support staff are awesome”. 

The report which has just been published came out of a three day inspection where Ofsted inspectors met with staff and students, talked to parents and reviewed our facilities and operating practices.  Residential inspections take place every three years to ensure that national standards of care are being maintained.

Read the full report on the Ofsted website. For more on our accommodation visit our Residency pages.