Aug 22ND

Exciting Start for Level 2 Sports Students

The new intake of Level 2 Sports students arrived at Moulton College on Wednesday the 3rd of August full of excitement, anticipation and possibly some nerves! However it was certainly a day they all enjoyed, giving them all a great insight to what student life is like at the College.

The day started with the students attending an introduction session where they could get familiar with each other and break the ice with their new peers, just to make things a little easier for when they start in September. The ice breaker challenges included some simple question and answers sessions as well as a team challenge which involved building the strongest free standing tower using the resources provided.  This session was extremely successful as all of the students were now familiar with each other and comfortable working with each other.

Following the morning session, the students took part in some exciting practical sessions. This included a round robin tournament where the students worked with a partner and completed eight challenges which they could then see who was the “elite” athlete in the group, whilst also using there functional skills to work out their own scores. After the individual challenges it was time to take on each other in a session of Archery tag, led by our specialist archery tag coach – Jack Whiting. The students took part in some small skill based sessions to get to grips with the skills needed, and then were all involved in a two team duel, where Jack's team proved victorious, managing to win the match 2-1 in a closely fought encounter.

After a much needed rest and lunchbreak, it was time to get back into the mix of things. The students were about to experience their first actual theory lesson at the college, to give them an idea of what activities they would be involved in the classroom. This was run by Jennie Phillips delivering an exercise and fitness session. The students really enjoyed the sessions, learnt some key aspects that they will find useful in September and also experienced the classroom environment.

Finally, with the day drawing to a close, the students set off on a tour challenge of the college. Each group was provided with some locations which they had to find, take a picture of and return with them in the fastest time. This was a fun and innovative way of letting the students navigate their way around the college and get used to the surroundings. The students really enjoyed this experience and overall gave some great feedback about what an enjoyable day they had at the college.