Aug 9TH

Moulton Research reaches Global Audience in the National Geographic!

If you pop down to your local newsagents today and flick through the latest August edition of the National Geographic magazine, you will find a striking image linked to one of our ongoing research projects here at the College. The image was taken by a professional photographer who visited the College last summer to document our ongoing conservation work with the photogenic but incredibly elusive harvest mouse!

Emily Howard-Williams, a lecturer in Countryside Management at Moulton College and a PhD student at the University of Northampton, has had her ongoing research into the ecology of the harvest mouse featured in the National Geographic magazine alongside the picture.

Emily’s research is investigating the harvest mouse population, which is under threat because of the destruction of their habitats, modern farming methods and the use of pesticides. Due to their small size, it remains difficult for researchers to ascertain just how many there are left in the natural environment.

With a global circulation of around 7 million, this truly puts Moulton’s research on a global stage! To find out more about this and other research activities we undertake, why not check out:

For more information regarding Emily’s research, click here.