Aug 2ND

Students Give Donations to South African Animal Centre

Moulton College students decided to make a monetary donation to the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa following a trip earlier this month.

The donation was given as a thank you for providing a once in a lifetime experience for the College Animal Welfare students.

Each year, two Animal Welfare lecturers organise a trip and this year Gemma Bates and Charlotte Bradley chose South Africa to give students an in-depth look at wildlife conservation in some of the most dangerous and incredible landscapes.

The students travelled to South Africa for 12 days, visiting a range of conservation centres including the Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre, Kinyonga Reptile Park, Kruger National Park and Zululand Somkhanda Game Reserve.

The trip was organised by Africa Insight and is open to all Further and Higher education students above the age of 18. The aim of the trip was to educate students of the challenges of wildlife conservation in foreign countries and how those challenges differ to those faced in the UK.

Students got to see all of the most amazing animals South Africa has to offer including lions, leopards, white rhino, buffalo, elephant, giraffe, wildebeest, zebra and a wide variety of birds.

The students had an amazing time learning about these fantastic creatures, immersing themselves in in the bush, hiking through the African wild.  Jade York, a student who went on the trip said To say this was a trip of a life time would be an understatement! I think I'll still be on cloud 9 for a long time and the moments I enjoyed in Africa will never be forgotten. Thank you everyone involved for making this trip truly amazing and unforgettable!”

One of the highlights of the trip was at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre when the group was joined by Brian Jones, the initiator and manger. He gave the students the insight into the heart and soul of the centre and the whole experience provided the students with a whole new perspective to wildlife conservation in Africa and its challenges. The students were given the opportunity to interact with three leopard cubs and Shinandi the Cheetah.

The Students would like to thank Marc Holcroft, Maureen Edgeway, Stuart Cavill-Taylor, Ian Thomson, Lesley Cripps Thomson, Mervyn Gillespie, Armand Grobler at Africa Insight for such a wonderful experience!