Dec 5TH

Moulton Researcher takes Bite of a Big Apple!

For many years now, Moulton College alongside its main research partner the University of Northampton has pursued a scientific research agenda.

One of our resident experts – Emily Howard-Williams –was recently invited to present her PhD findings at the seventh annual Student Conference on Conservation Science in New York city, home of the famous Friends TV series! Her thesis has focussed on shedding light on the ecology and conservation of British mammals – in particular the elusive harvest mouse.

This great honour meant that Emily joined 350 postgraduate students and early-career scientists from 31 different countries and 40 U.S States at the American Museum of Natural History opposite the iconic Central Park in the heart of the Manhattan.

After her presentation and networking with fellow scientists, Emily commented….’This was a fantastic opportunity to communicate my research on an international scale and I was so lucky to be able to travel to this vibrant place. My talk was well received and I enjoyed networking with fellow academics’.

For information on the conference, click here. Emily was the proud recipient of a travel grant from the British Ecological Society. Emily will also be speaking at our Annual Postgraduate Conference on 15th December!

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