Feb 8TH

Moulton Bushcraft

This week Moulton College Outdoor Adventure First Year students began their first Forest School and Bushcraft experience. Exploring the key principles and ethos of outdoor experiential learning, students were quickly building freestanding towers and structures that had to hold a certain amount of weight.


Over the two hours, activities ranging from tool construction and shelter building, tracking through the forest wilderness, camouflage amongst the brush and water transportation were all linked back to classroom based learning and how they can apply their practical learning to their qualifications. Everything they learned was designed to help them improve on their next activity. The students looked at how they were developing through the Bushcraft and Forest Schooling, and how they can be explored for future sessions.

Cold, tired, muddy and with the light failing, the students were still excited when the bus came back into view. A good day out is not complete without a significant detour as the students trekked their way through another bramble patch and a muddy stream, using every bit of knowledge they had gained from the days activities.