Jul 6TH

Moulton ‘Branches Out’ to Support the Local Community

Moulton College has always worked closely with a diverse array of external organisations, and over the years has fostered a close link with Corby Borough Council. Based at the boating lake in the centre of Corby, woodland experts Peter Floody and Rebecca Bishop lead an enthusiastic group of volunteers who help to manage the ancient Hazel & Thoroughsale Woods.

Offering a green gateway to Corby town centre, the urban location of the woods has an obvious close proximity to human habitation that can, on occasion, create conflicts that require creative woodland management solutions for the team to resolve. 

Late last year, staff from the arboriculture and countryside management subject areas were awarded a well-deserved teaching excellence award from the Royal Forestry Society (http://www.rfs.org.uk) in the form of some commercial chainsaw benches for processing firewood. These are kitted out with a clever design to make cutting logs easier, faster, safer and without backache (http://www.truncator.co.uk).

Given the years of partnership working with Corby, senior Lecturer James Littlemore felt it prudent to offer one such device – a Truncator 6Pro Chainsaw Sawhorse – to the volunteers at the Corby Woodland Project as a gesture of good will, and to enable them to continue to manage the site under limited budgets and resources.

Today James dropped the device off, with Peter adding ‘We would like to thank Moulton College and Truncator for this handy piece of kit which we can use to process firewood from felled timber in the woods. We can then sell this to the general public and use any income to invest in training opportunities for our growing army of volunteers’.

If you would like to learn more about the work of the woodland project team, check out: http://www.corby.gov.uk/home/leisure-culture/parks-open-spaces/corbys-woodlands/hazel-and-thoroughsale-woods. For more information on our courses in arboriculture and countryside management, why not drop the College a line today?!

<Picture: Volunteers from the Corby Woodland Project Team flanking the donated chainsaw sawhorse with woodland ranger Peter Floody (first right) and senior lecturer James Littlemore (second right).