Jun 8TH

Moulton Garden Centre Plants a Crown

Staff and Students from the Garden Centre at Moulton College have been busy planning, growing and planting a spectacular carpet bedding flower display for the Queens 90th Birthday in Northampton’s Town Centre.

The 9m squared giant display has been planted into a specially designed wooden planter that is angled to show off the display. The bedding plants are made of a variety of low growing specialist varieties including over 3,000 Alternanthera as well as hundreds of Echeveria, and Sempervivum. As the plants grow and combine together, the colours will deepen and enrich the image to provide a long lasting and vibrant display.

All of the plants have been planted with the aid of a computer generated template that allows for perfect matching of colours and varieties to form the shape of a majestic crown and the letters to indicate Her Majesties 90 years on the Throne.

Pop down to the Northampton Guildhall at the top of Guildhall Road where the Crown will be on display from this week.