Mar 23RD

Time for us to reclaim the ASH-ES?

A vital part of our native woodlands and forests; it seems the future for the ash tree now hangs in the balance. A paper published today in the Journal of Ecology indicates that worryingly this tree species could be eliminated in Europe, following the sad demise of the English elm tree. The main causal factors are attributed to the much reported ash-dieback disease and the invasive emerald ash borer beetle.

However, all is not lost in protecting the iconic ash tree, nor indeed for other tree species loved by the nation. Thankfully Dr Glynn Percival, who regularly teaches Moulton College students, is working on a cure that was recently featured on BBC Countryfile and our very own marvellous PhD researcher Julia Lock is researching ways to protect other tree species (including the mountain ash) from common pests and diseases. You can read all about Julia's research here: and about the plight of the ash tree here: