Oct 20TH

Animal Therapy Centre Nuffield research student success

This summer, the staff at the Animal Therapy Centre of Moulton College were joined by a secondary school student conducting a research project on how dogs swim. Hannah Brown, of Weaver’s Academy, was one of a selection of students from across the county that were granted Nuffield Research Placement scholarships to work alongside researchers. Hannah’s particular project involved her using an underwater camera to film dogs attending treatment sessions in the hydrotherapy practice to investigate how the angles of their joints varied during swimming and how the size of the dog changed the way that they moved.

Dr Wanda McCormick said: “Hannah has done some excellent work this summer on a very tricky project – it may sound like fun but trying to film dogs as they swim is actually quite challenging technically. She managed to develop some excellent protocols for collecting data and has really helped us to continue our research around the canine hydrotherapy practice here at the College.”

Hannah really enjoyed the project "It was a fantastic experience of a niche area of science, through which I gained project organising and report writing skills. The Animal Therapy Centre was such a unique environment to work in, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there; I learnt so much through the whole process of Nuffield and would definitely recommend it to others interested in maths and science."


The College were delighted to hear that Hannah has been given a Gold CREST award in recognition of her work this summer.