Sep 23RD

Animal Therapy Centre welcomes additional aquatic treadmill

The Animal Therapy Centre at Moulton College has long been a centre of excellence for animal rehabilitation and exercise; however with demand for hydrotherapy treatments at an all time high, the need for additional resources has never been more pressing so the recent introduction of a second aquatic treadmill at the therapy centre is proving to be a welcome addition. 

Hydrotherapy, with sessions taking place in a purpose built pool, is an increasingly popular form of treatment for animals due to its non-weight bearing properties and the aquatic treadmill can bring even greater benefits.

The Animal Therapy Centre at Moulton College is open 7 days a week, including 3 late night sessions; however with occupancy levels reaching full capacity on the busiest days, it was decided that a second treadmill would offer a greater, more efficient service to meet the needs of clients.

The new state-of-the-art treadmill has different features to the existing machine; it is slightly bigger and offers an automatic belt incline which will allow the hydrotherapists to develop the rehabilitation programmes for dogs much further than before. The treadmill also runs via a system which means that data from previous sessions can be saved and uploaded to a computer for ease of analysis. 

Increasing the facilities at the centre means not only will clients benefit from an extended service, but the College is able to provide additional resources for students to study and work with, increasing their involvement and experience in the commercial sector. 

Vicky May, Animal Welfare & Therapy Centre Manager said “It is an exciting opportunity for the Animal Therapy Centre to develop and increase our session availability for our clients. Hydrotherapy is an effective treatment for a variety of conditions and the additional treadmill will allow treatment programmes to be enhanced as well as increasing the resources for students on commercial experience and generating further income.”

For more information about the treatment or to book a hydrotherapy session for your pet, please contact the Animal Welfare & Therapy Centre on 01604 493152 or email