Aug 25TH


Our goal is to help all of our students reach their potential; no matter what level or choice of study they choose. When it happens that a student manages to combine excellence in their studies and also manages to excel outside their studies, we couldn’t be more proud.

Which is why, when we found out about Max Armstrong’s 454 (FOUR-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY-FOUR!!!) yard drive at the American Golf Long Drive Championship earlier this month, we were all pleased for his achievement in setting the longest drive of the day. Tipped as one to watch in a Golf Monthly preview, he certainly left those watching remembering his name after the event, which sadly he didn’t win.

Max is with us currently on an Intermediate Horticulture Apprenticeship (unsurprisingly with a golf green keeping pathway) and is currently taking his first steps towards what, so far, looks to be an extremely promising future whether in maintaining or mastering the links.  Receiving a helping hand from his employers, Kingsthorpe Golf Club, who proudly sponsor his endeavours as he embarks upon his Pro Golfing career; we can almost certainly say that they must be as proud as we are for his achievements.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on his golfing exploits (but, at least for this writer – never challenging him to a game), in the mean time you can follow him on Twitter - @92MaxArmstrong.