Feb 7TH

An African Agriculture Odyssey

For many years and true to our roots, Moulton College has worked with students from all over the world in agricultural research and training. With an exciting new Marshal Papworth ten week international agriculture programme recently developed for students who want to help their communities to develop a sustainable future in a practical way and with global trade agreements for agricultural commodities key on the post-BREXIT agenda, we continue to play a pivotal role in agricultural education.

Over the years, many of our farming students have developed research links with African countries including Zambia, Ghana and the Gambia. For example, undergraduate BSc Land Management student Austen Hapenga is currently working with the Zambian Ministry of Agriculture on a project to support livestock production amongst subsistence farmers.

Austen explains ‘My research is about assessing farmer’s views on goat production in the Kalomo district of Zambia in order to capture their views on issues that affect goat production. He adds ‘I hope to evaluate the current production systems for goats, which worldwide are one of the commonest foods consumed. Rearing these animals play an important part in alleviating poverty for farmers around the world’.

Chihab Debez is one of Austen’s classmates, and is about to head out to Tunisia to work with research staff from the Centre of Biotechnology of Borj Cedria in Hammam-Lif on a production horticulture project working alongside agrochemical company Ascot International. And with projects examining supply chains in Ghana and poultry feed supplies in the Gambia, we are aiming to put agriculture on the world stage with our students.    

So agriculture really is a global entity – and for a rewarding career in the farming industry, you don’t need to come from a farming background! To learn more about the Further and Higher Education courses in Agriculture – including our innovative new BSc in Agricultural Technologies – why not get in touch today? Feel inspired – feed the world! Contact: james.littlemore@moulton.ac.uk