Jul 12TH

Northamptonshire Skills Show

On Tuesday 11th July a number of departments from Moulton College attended the Northamptonshire Skills Show which is designed for year 10 students from schools across Northamptonshire to get an insight into the options available to them after year 11.

Moulton College attended with animal and equine, sport, floristry, horticulture, countryside management, arboriculture, agriculture and a number of construction interactive stands. The aim of each department was to provide hands on activities that helped students to understand what studying that particular subject involves. For example sport had set up height jumping and boxing activities and Floristry were helping students to make corsages.

The animal and equine team had prepared a variety of interactive activities to give students a feel for the courses available at Moulton. The first activity was based on animal nutrition which is one of the theory modules on the animal course; students were asked to assign species to the correct herbivore, carnivore or omnivore group.  

The second activity tasked students with identifying a variety of animal specimens such as pheasant feathers, snake skin, a tarantula exo-skeleton, porcupine quill, a stick insect and a scorpion.

To showcase equine, the team were demonstrating how to correctly bandage a real life scale horse’s leg. There was also a horse’s skull, grooming equipment, training equipment and handling equipment which were each discussed with visitors to the stand to allow them to understand the sort of tasks they would be involved with if they become a student at Moulton College.

The stand had a large number of visitors throughout the day with the tarantula skeleton and snake skin drawing the students in! The students all enjoyed and engaged with each of the activities.

We hope that the stand inspired lots of students who have strong animal interest or any of our other subject areas carrying out activities, to attend Moulton College!