Jul 24TH

Nuffield Research Scholars

Pushing back the Scientific Frontiers with our new Nuffield Research Scholars!

Last year the College was lucky enough to work with three young Nuffield Research Scholars in an exciting partnership with the Nuffield Foundation, and it promises to be another busy summer as we have just found that we have been allocated several more young scientists to undertake cutting edge research linked with our disciplines in Plant Science, Biodiversity and Animal Welfare!

Nationally, the Nuffield Research Placements are offered to the most aspiring scientific minds for students studying post-16 science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) courses. It is a real feather in our cap to be awarded the privilege of working with these young scientists, so we have created a number of exciting projects for students to work on.

For example, Holly Morton will be working with staff members James and Katia on a collaborative project with agrochemicals company Ascot International to examine the effect of organically sourced biostimulants on plants grown in our glasshouses, whilst two more students will shortly join PhD researcher Helen to help gather data to explore the legal and ethical issues surrounding the UK exotic pet trade.

A further project has been proposed working with Steve to evaluate the diverse invertebrate groups (including moths and beetles) that inhabit non-cropped countryside stewardship options on our very own farm. At the end of their placement, students will write up their reports and present their findings to their peers at Loughborough University – a fitting end to a summer of hard work.

So if you ever fancied learning more about what we do and the great experiences our students have here, why not get in touch today? It’s not too late to enrol on one of our Horticulture, Countryside Management or Animal Welfare courses for September!