Jul 27TH

Oscars Junior Visit

OSCARS International Juniors visit Moulton College every summer to experience high-quality English teaching and unique themed activity and excursion programmes. It aims to provide them with the confidence and skills which will stay with them for life. This year the students that have been staying with us are from Brazil and are keen to learn and grow from their time with us at Moulton College.

During their stay with us, the students get to spend a week in a subject area they enjoy such as Sport or Animal Welfare. This year I was fortunate enough to be able to take thirteen OSCARS students for an afternoon around our Animal Welfare unit to show them the range of animals that we have and teach them about species they may not have much experience with. Procedures for the unit were explained to them and adhered to throughout their time with the animals as if they were students at Moulton College.

The initial tour of the unit showed me that the OSCARS students had a good insight into many of the animals that we have on the unit but may not have had the chance previously to work with them and carry out husbandry tasks involving them. The popular species seemed to be our pigs and alpacas at the mini farm, tortoises in the reptile centre and the Goeldi's marmosets that have just moved in with us in the exotic species centre.  

All the students were engaged and asking lots of questions, keen to not only learn more about the animals but to also improve their English and communication skills. This international program works really well and provides a link with other communities outside of the United Kingdom. I hope their time with the animal welfare staff on the unit may have inspired them to take up a career in the animal industry.