Oct 5TH

John Amor, Class of 58, Travelled Around the World to Pay us a Visit

John Amor attended Moulton College in 1957-58 when it was known as the Northamptonshire Farm Institute.  He travelled around the world to Australia in 1962 where he put down roots, married and ran his own farm until 2006.

Now, at the age of 76, his daughter Margaret thought it apt to fly John and his wife Jillian back to the UK to see some of his old friends who attended the college and to see how the college has been transformed since he was last here in the 50s.

I was lucky enough to sit with John and his family to talk about his experiences of the college and the path his life has taken since. Here’s what he had to say:

“Having moved to Australia, I had lost contact with my college friends – apart from the odd Christmas card. It was quite a number of years ago that my old friend Geoffrey Hayward tracked me down and made contact - we have been in touch since. The class of 1958 have been meeting up annually for a reunion for the last 30 years or so. Last night, I was lucky enough to be able to attend and catch up with everyone who I haven’t seen for 60 years!

“I have certainly had adventures! When I left the college I went to work for a man called Neil who was also a previous student of the college. He had a dairy farm in Leicestershire. Then I went down south to the hills above Brighton where I stayed for about 18 months. It was here I met an Australian back packer who explained to me that her father had 5 dairy farms and there were lots of farms in Australia looking for people with a Diploma or a Degree in Agriculture so this opened my ears!

“I left the UK in 1962 and found work on a number of different farms in Victoria, Australia. It was here that I really saw irrigation for the first time! I worked at this farm in Victoria for 8 months before advertising to work on a ‘share farm’. I began work on a ‘share farm’ about 100 miles away from Melbourne and married my wife Jillian. Unfortunately a few weeks later I lost my job because a huge bush fire took hold and burnt the farm to the ground!

“We therefore moved to another ‘share farm’ south of Melbourne where I looked after 500 beef cows. We stayed here for 6 and a half years before the lovely man I was working for helped me to buy a small farm of my own with 38 cows and a bull. I built a business here with 200 acres which we ran until I reluctantly gave it up in 2006.

“I’m lucky enough to have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, and have now settled in Diouin near Melbourne. It’s been a wonderful journey!

“I’m really delighted to be able to come back to my roots at Moulton College to see its immense transformation.”

Hannah Southwell
Marketing Executive – Moulton College

Photo: from left: Geoffrey Hayward, Jillian Amor, John Amor and Margaret McDonald