Oct 4TH

Owl Induction for College Students

Animal Management students at East Northants Vocational Skills Academy were welcomed to their courses this year by some rather intriguing guests! 

Tony Hewitt, who runs the Northampton based charity Owls to Behold, visited the academy on the preliminary day of the student induction with eight of his rescued owls. 

The level two and three students initially listened to Tony talk about each owl’s plight and then relished being hands on with owls of their choice, whilst Tony shared a myriad of interesting facts with them. 

This activity not only complemented many of the subject modules that the learners will be introduced to this year, including animal biology and behaviour, but more importantly presented the opportunity for each student to meet with their new peers in a relaxed manner. Every student involved themselves to varying degrees, some daring each other to hold the huge Eagle Owl whilst others were intrigued by the Little Owl learning how this particular owl lives in a burrow! 

All students had the chance to record their experiences with photos to share with family and friends.  As a conclusive but equally interesting activity Tony was kind enough to supply some owl pellets, the students were amazed to find a mouse skull completely intact in one when dissected.  

owls at moulton college