Sep 4TH

My Experience at Moulton College (FDSS) - Rhumer Kay

Moulton has some of the best sports facilities in my area which is why I decided to come here and pursue my interest in sport. Moulton College will allow me to gain my Level 2 Diploma in Sports qualification, meaning I can then progress onto the Level 3 Sport, Coaching and Fitness the following academic year. As well as this I am gaining valuable experience in the working sports industry, in my work and commercial experience. We do a variety of subjects covering all areas of sport made up of practical and theory. The lecturers are approachable and we get to use some outstanding facilities every day which we often take for granted.

Last year we took part in lots of extra-curricular activities such as the Moulton Back off and coaching at the Moulton Sports days, to Moulton Primary school students, where we had the opportunity to show off what we had learnt in our Leading Sport Activities and Running Sports Event modules.

I have now completed my Level 2 course and will be applying to go onto the Level 3 Coaching, Development and Fitness. My tutor and the college careers advisers have suggested I take this course as it was what I wanted to do originally, and it is the ideal progression for me from the Level 2 Diploma in Sport. Before I came to Moulton I was uncertain of what I wanted to do but after completing a year on the Level 2 Diploma in Sport, it has motivated me to carry gaining experience and qualifications in the sports industry and carry on at Moulton College for the next two year.

Advice for New Starters

  • ·         Create a timetable so you know when assignments are coming in and out and use your assignment time wisely!
  • ·         Take part in as many activities and opportunities as possible as you never know when you may need them later on in life.
  • ·         No matter what you do throughout the course, you will hit the stage where you're like "I don't care I'll just leave it as a merit grade" and you will regret that so much! So make sure that when given the opportunity to upgrade, that you definitely do it.
  • ·         Make sure that you keep all your assignments filed away once completed as it helps for future reference.
  • ·         Make sure you apply for a Level 3 Course at the college to ensure you carry on working towards your desired destinations.