Sep 14TH

Bumper Nuffield Scholar Success at Moulton College

It has been another busy summer here at Moulton College where we were honoured to host five young Nuffield Research Scholars. This came as part of our exciting partnership with The Nuffield Foundation where students undertake cutting edge research linked with disciplines in plant science, biodiversity and animal welfare. 
Nationally, the Nuffield Research Placements are offered to the most aspiring scientific minds studying post-16 science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) courses. 
Two scholars to note are Student Holly Morton who undertook a collaborative project with agrochemicals company Ascot International examining the effect of organically sourced biostimulants on a salad crops and Lucy McCormack who carried out some ecological monitoring of invertebrate groups on the farm as a means of evaluating the biodiversity value of farmland countryside stewardship options.
It has been a real honour to be awarded the privilege of working with these young scientists, who have now written up their findings and will present them at a conference on 20th September at the University of Loughborough.
A number of the Scholars are now applying for CREST Gold Awards from the British Science Association.
This is just one example of how Moulton College is helping to nurture and inspire young people to succeed in their chosen career path.
It’s still not too late to apply for a course starting this month (September 2017). Whether you’re 16 and have recently left school, or if you’re looking for a university course, Moulton College has a wealth of practical courses available for students in the Northamptonshire area and beyond.