Sep 1ST

Pre-Season Football Camp

During the last three weeks, students from the football academy have been attending pre-season training. Students were put through a variety of training sessions which included tactical match scenarios, technical practices and physical challenges. All sessions delivered followed the season objectives and values to their learning and development during the course of the season.

A new student attending the football academy is Ian Brown, he has attended all pre-season training session and given feedback below: 

"Pre-season training 2017 was an excellent opportunity to meet and bond with staff and students on the course.

Although initially nervous, by the end of the first session, through interacting with other players and coaches, I found I had gained in confidence and felt much more at ease.  The training allowed me to get to know the facilities and location and increased my excitement and anticipation for the start of the course in September.

The highlight of the training for me was getting to meet the 2nd year students and playing alongside and against them, as it brought out new challenges to test my speed, strength and overall knowledge of the game and allowed me to adapt to a new position and playing style."