Dec 11TH

Harvest talk at Mawsley Community Primary School

On the 10th of October three of our Level 3 Agriculture students went to Mawsley Community Primary School to talk to the five and six year olds who were learning where there food comes from. 

The primary school children were introduced to our students: Farmer Kane, Farmer Beth and Farmer Grace who spoke to the children about their experience in the industry.

Farmer Kane spoke about crops telling them about how wheat and oats are made into the children’s breakfast cereals like shredded wheat and porridge, even bringing along some samples for them to play with and look at.

Farmer Beth spoke about her sheep and had some pictures and also a whole fleece from a sheep for the children to look at, explaining how around Easter time we look after the ewes when they are giving birth to their lambs and as it gets hotter in the summer we have to shear the wool off of the sheep so they don’t overheat and getting made into jumpers for us to keep warm in the winter.

Farmer Grace spoke about Cows, telling the students how we bring them inside when it gets cold and wet, to give them nice warm beds. A cow soon became one of the children’s favourite animals when they got to do impressions and found out that we get burgers from cows.

Overall it was a great experience for our college students who were able to impart some of the knowledge and experience that they have learnt and at the same time help towards their personal statements for their University applications.