Mar 23RD

Commemorating the life of Walter Tull

Sunday, March 25th is the 100th anniversary of the death of former Northampton Town player Walter Tull, who was killed on the battlefield in France.

The students of Moulton College have been commemorating the life of a local hero, Walter Tull.  Students have, for the last three months, been hard at work discussing and debating the achievements Walter made during his remarkable life both as a serviceman and a sportsman.  They were particularly impressed with how he overcame the barriers he faced from his early life as an orphan through to the racial prejudice he faced in football. The students were shocked at the views held at the time of the first world war that discriminated against black soldiers restricting them from becoming officers.  They were impressed that Walter managed to break down these barriers.  Moulton students were asked, during a tutorial exercise, what they would ask Walter if they had the chance. The student’s questions were insightful and really helped them see the relevance of Walters story and how equality impacts on the world they live in today.  Their questions are part of the video that’s being played prior to kick off on the 30th March as the Cobblers play Charlton Athletic.