May 29TH

Moulton College student wins bursary for university dissertation

A Moulton College student has received a £500 bursary following the completion of his university dissertation aimed at improving the welfare of dogs through nutrition.

Daniel Flatters is in the final year of his Applied Animal Studies degree at Moulton, and received the bursary from Dodson & Horrell, an animal food supplier based in Kettering for his research in to the need for breed-specific body condition scores for dogs to ensure they are receiving the correct nutrition.

Currently, all 220 breeds of dogs in the UK receive a standard body condition score, but through his research, Daniel explored the need for breed-specific scores, which would enable food manufacturers to create nutritional products more tailored for different types of dogs. He focused on three diverse breeds of dog in particular for his dissertation, the chihuahua, greyhound and border collie, concluding that a generic score was not suitable for them, and that further research should be done for all breeds of dog to re-evaluate how they are managed.

Daniel said: “I was really pleased to win the bursary. The £500 really motivated me to keep at it and get my research done. More than that, it was about doing the dissertation alongside a company to build my credibility and get published.

“I researched other current methods that were based entirely on the size of the dog, but they didn’t seem to represent the different breeds overall. There is quite a lot of ongoing research in this area regarding animal welfare, and with so many breeds of dogs with different shapes and sizes, I thought it would be really interesting to explore the further.”

Daniel has his ambitions set on becoming a lecturer in biology, and anatomy and physiology and already has plans for when he finishes his degree in a few weeks.

He added: “I’m going to take a year out to recuperate my thoughts, and spend the bursary on driving lessons! After that I’ll apply for a Masters, and then hopefully lecture alongside doing a PhD.”

Ann Turner, Interim Principal at Moulton College, said: “Everyone at the college is really proud of Daniel’s achievements, and it is fantastic for him to be recognised for his work by a local company. As a dog lover myself, I found his research fascinating.

“We congratulate him on this bursary and a great dissertation, and look forward to welcoming him back to Moulton College in the future.”

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