Feb 27TH

Baking Challenge: Feed your family for a fiver!

To mark the end of ‘Bake for Family Fun month’ we’re launching a Baking Challenge! We’re encouraging all families* to get involved and challenge themselves to make a delicious meal using a set of pre-agreed ingredients.

The ‘Baking Challenge’ will take place at the brand new Food and Drink Innovation Centre at Moulton College, with four families selected to take part. The task will be to create a scrumptious meal for four people, and a mouth-watering pudding, all within the cost of five pounds. The ingredients will be shared with each family prior to the Challenge, however - to keep it a surprise, they won’t know what they’ll be cooking until the day!

Each family will be required to distribute the different baking tasks, and cook a delicious meal efficiently within the allocated time. All participating families will then face the ultimate test when Professional Baker Steve Russell and Nutritionist Rachel Roy give each family a score. 

At the end of the cooking process, those who attend will get an insight into the nutritional breakdown of their meals, and get to enjoy the rest of their homemade meal back at home!

Do you think your family is up to the challenge?

Please note: To make this event economically viable, there is a small charge of £5.00. This will cover the costs of the ingredients, and cooking facilities.

Click here to enter into the draw.

Good Luck!

*Four families with a maximum of four members each will be chosen to participate in this challenge.