Feb 7TH

Exchanging knowledge across the ages

HE and FE Sports students combined forces this week, to create a powerful learning experience for all.

By working together, the idea was to show the Level 3-4 sports massage students what they could look forward to learning on the BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy programme. This course is offered to students after they graduate with a Diploma in Sports Massage.

This collaborative lesson provided both HE and FE students the chance to develop their practical skills and understanding of advanced techniques, whilst learning from each other. Level 3-4 FE students completed their own consultation and treatments with the HE students, and the latter improved their understanding of the methods employed when working with the sacroiliac joint.

This was a fantastic learning experience for both groups and an excellent example of the great teaching practices being carried out in the Sports Department at Moulton College. Learners were able to consolidate their understanding of the respective assessment processes. The Level 3-4 Sports Massage Students were very inquisitive and not afraid to ask difficult questions of the HE students about what they were doing and why they were doing it. This was a challenge for the HE students and proved to be an effective exercise in peer and self-assessment. 

Feedback gathered from students following this lesson was overwhelmingly positive. Learners commented that it has helped to improve their confidence when working with a very complicated area of the body, and that they are looking forward to the next opportunity to develop their assessment skills. To learn more about our Higher and Further Education courses for Sport, click on the following link www.moulton.ac.uk/our-courses