Jan 22ND

BBC Radio Northampton gets a chill in our Cryo Chamber

This week we welcomed BBC Radio Northampton to Moulton College, to test out the cryotherapy chamber, and find out more about the innovative research conducted by one of Moulton’s PhD students.

Adnan Haq’s study, which began during the summer of 2015 is focused on the benefits of cryotherapy in aiding sports recovery. This research encompasses a series of studies which observe the response of cryotherapy on the body, the impact of exposure on recovery rates, and the implications of treatment on sports training.

Alongside Adnan, Tom Percival, reporter at BBC Radio Northampton was joined in the chamber by Russell Dickerson, a volunteer taking part in the study.

Adnan said: ‘I’m a competitive runner myself, and have always had an interest in sports science. My research so far has investigated a variety of responses following the cryotherapy treatment for post exercise recovery. I intend to draw out some interesting findings on the benefits of this treatment to the sporting world. There is much more to learn I’m sure.’

Adnan hopes his research will be complete by 2021.

So what is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, sometimes known as cold therapy, works by exposing the human body to freezing temperatures in an effort to aid muscle repair. Participants must first enter a preliminary chamber for 30 seconds with temperatures as low as −60 degrees celsius. Upon moving to the next chamber, participants endure temperatures as low as −140 degrees celsius, and remain in this section for two and a half minutes. Within the cryotherapy chamber, liquid nitrogen is used to cool the air through blasts of freezing steam. It is this part of the process which is believed to benefit muscle rehabilitation.

Adnan is keen to encourage more participants to get involved in his research: ‘For the benefit of the sporting world, it’s important that as many people are involved in this study to support the research credibility. Whilst the chamber is a little cold, it’s also a great chance to do something different and contribute to the development of sports science.’

For further information about the study you can contact Adnan on 07791 545203 or at adnan.haq@moulton.ac.uk.

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You can also take a listen of the radio interview here: youtu.be/GWuC8uZ0vJQ