Jul 3RD

Summer Plans?

For many of you, six weeks of holiday is on the horizon. There are no more exams, which means no more revision, and no more study stress! So with free time to spare, here are a few top tips on how to make it a summer of bliss!


  • Catch up with old friends - there’s nothing quite like hanging out with your mates. If you’ve not seen some of them in a while, why not give them a call to see how they’re doing? Guaranteed they’ll appreciate it, and you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy too!


  • Read. The endless days of summer offer the perfect opportunity to head to the bookstore and indulge in a good ol’ book. Maybe make a reading list of all the books you would like to dive into and see where the stories take you. 


  • Find a job. There’s nothing better than being on holiday from school/college, than being on holiday AND rich. There’s usually loads of part time jobs available during this time of year, so why not do a lil’ research and start earning some dollar! More money means more food, clothes, visits to mates etc… do we need to go on.


  • Start a new hobby. You’re certainly not going to get this time again (well, until perhaps next year), so it’s a great time to learn something different. How about a new language, or for all you fitness fanatics, a new sport? Surprise yourself. The opportunities are endless!


  • Volunteer. Yup, you heard right. Offer your labour for no financial reward. Think about helping a cause which will really benefit from your time or get some more experience in an industry you think you would love to work in. It is super beneficial to have a range of experiences on your CV. If you’re keen to get into a certain sector after your studies, summer is the time to further develop those essential skills. Employers (and your parents!) will thank you for it!


  • Do absolutely nothing. No explanation required.