Mar 14TH

Top marks for our plumbing students

The Plumbing department at Moulton College has a lot to be proud of. In the last term particularly at Higham, the students on the course have collectively achieved 95% attendance, and this is reflective in the outstanding marks which have been secured in the course units.

Jacob Williams, a Higham Campus Plumbing student is one of the large number of high achievers who has a 100% attendance level, and top marks in four of the units he’s studied so far.

‘I love the plumbing course at Moulton. All of the students and lecturers have a real passion for plumbing, and want to do well – this just makes learning so much easier. The course itself is very insightful, I’ve learnt pipe bending and jointing techniques, developed useful skills and been given an insight into level 2 and industry. If you’re really keen to pursue a career in plumbing, and you’re dedicated to succeed, then this is the course for you.’

Gary Dennis, Lecturer in Plumbing and Heating at the college has been working at Moulton for almost 13 years. During the time that he’s been here, he’s seen the calibre of talent grow, and through nurturing and programme development, the course continues to improve, offering a fantastic learning opportunity for anyone interested in this line of work.

Gary said: ‘My approach to teaching places a lot of trust in the students to take authority over their learning experience. I use Google Classroom a lot and the students all produce their own revision documents in a format of their choice, which is clearly working well.’

‘I don’t believe in death by PowerPoint. It’s such an outdated concept. Group work and discussions seem to engage students, and help us as lecturers to gauge their interest and understanding in certain areas of study.’

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