Apr 3RD

Hydrotherapy for the flyball team!

The Animal Therapy Centre at Moulton College is delighted to announce that the Northants Falcons Flyball Team has just begun using the hydrotherapy facilities for regular training sessions.  This will be a long term, regular training programme running throughout the flyball season.   

Specific programmes will be established for each dog according to age, breed and fitness levels.  Vicky May, The Therapy Centre Manager, commented, “.We are delighted to be working with the Northants Falcons to help ensure their continued fitness and success.”

Flyball first became popular as a sport in America and made its debut in the UK at Crufts in 1990.  It is a competitive team sport which is run on a knockout basis. Two teams of four dogs compete at the same time, each using a parallel 'racing lane' down which each dog runs in turn, clearing four hurdles in succession before triggering a pedal on the flyball box.  It really is fast and furious.

Dogs that regularly compete at agility, obedience and flyball are like human athletes! They are physically subjected to far more stresses and strains than the average pet dog. 

Hydrotherapy sessions can help to keep a dog fit and toned and can improve core stability (the core muscles are the muscles which are located in the core of the dog e.g. stomach, mid/lower back and are important in helping to balance the body which in turn helps to prevent injury).  It can also be useful in the prevention and treatment of soft tissue injuries, enabling a dog to recover from injury far quicker and therefore return to training sooner.

Further information on the centre’s hydrotherapy facilities is available from The Animal Therapy Centre at Moulton College on 01604 493152 or from their Facebook page: The Animal Therapy Centre at Moulton College.