Aug 7TH

BBC visit Moulton College to film Harvest Mouse Re-introduction Project

BBC Look East paid a visit to the College today to learn more about one of our ongoing wildlife conservation research projects. They were able to interview PhD researcher Emily Howard Williams to find out a little about her project and to meet the charismatic wild animal in question – the elusive harvest mouse. As Britain’s smallest rodent, the harvest mouse has declined in numbers in Britain in response to agricultural intensification, habitat loss and use of pesticides and it’s conservation status remains uncertain. Therefore, Emily’s project aims to shed some light on the ecology of this declining and elusive wild mammal, and together with ex-student and director of Ecometry ( Dr David Wallis and Senior Lecturer Dr James Littlemore they have devised a species reintroduction scheme here in Northamptonshire with innovative technology to monitor animals post-release using Radio Frequency identification (RFID).  It is hoped the results of this study will help land managers conserve this species and ensure its long-term survival in the British countryside.