Feb 22ND

Bringing back the Ghosts: the Legacy of Disappearing Flood Meadows in Northamptonshire

Traditionally managed wet meadows that once proliferated along lowland river floodplains are now very much ghosts in the landscape, having been lost as a consequence of land drainage, agricultural intensification and river channel modifications in the last century. But an ambitious restoration project at Dovecote Farm in Upper Heyford is bringing the ghosts back to life.

Moulton College BSc Land Management students from the Agriculture Subject area were treated to a personal if somewhat bracing tour from the landowner David Banner and Dr Robin Field from the River Nene Regional Park. Together with Natural England, they have successfully put back 1 % of the nation’s wet meadow grassland with the assistance of agri-environmental funding and a lot of determination. Moulton’s link with the site is also developing, as recent Land Management graduate Sarah Still used the site for some research which later led to her appointment as a flood defence officer with the Environment Agency.

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