Feb 19TH

Outdoor Adventure Students and their extra-curricular activities!

As well as working to gain their Level 3 Diploma in Sport (Outdoor Adventure) the hard work doesn’t stop there, with students participating in a range of different activities once their college day has finished.

Will Breslin – Not only does Will travel from Bletchley every day he is also a keen tumbler. Recently during training Will managed the staggering feat of completing a triple back flip – Impressive Indeed!

Matt Clarke – Matt (top right in the photo) is a keen athlete who participates in events from the Long Jump to the 1500 metres, a gruelling regime for anyone. Matt has shown maturity to balance his academic and personal work, achieving Distinctions on a regular basis.

Josh Morris – Josh has shown excellent academic determination, and somehow managed to balance his Moto cross and Academic work achieving Merits in all modules. He trains regularly whilst completing in races. This has obviously paid off, as he’s in the process of gaining several sponsorship deals!

Jacob Pryce – Although Jacob was a promising Sailor, he chose to move on to a more underground Sport. Jacob enjoys partaking in Parkour and can regularly be found pushing himself to his limits, developing both his climbing and cardiovascular fitness.

Outdoor Adventure Course Manager Ian Cooper said:  ‘The students at Moulton are very fortunate to have the chance to use world class facilities daily and be supported by experienced and knowledgeable members of staff in their studies. It is nice to see their commitment to their studies is mirrored in their personal life.

Having students that compete in such a diverse range of Sports/Activities really gives them a chance to personally and socially supplement their academic success in varied places.  Coupled with this the Students will all be getting together in future to arrange an event, for a charity of their choice, giving them a chance to give something back!”