Mar 8TH

A doggie tale

Level 1 students from the Moulton College General Education department have travelled to Birmingham NEC to spend a day at the world’s largest dog show – Crufts!

The 15 students, who are working towards a range of land-based qualifications in animal care, equine studies, horticulture and agriculture, were able to see an array of displays, competitions and activities featuring the terrier and hound groups on day one of the competition. These included the flyball team quarter-finals, the rescue dog agility display, and freestyle heelwork-to-music competitions, as well as individual group and breed judging as part of the prestigious Best in Show contest.

As well as seeing the main exhibitions, visiting students also had the opportunity to browse hundreds of trade stands selling anything and everything from dog toys, food and bedding to human jewellery, clothing and gadgets. They were also able to visit Crufts’ ‘Discover Dogs’ area, hosting over 200 breeds of pedigree dogs. Here, students could to speak to dog owners and experts to find out first-hand about breeding, grooming and training, and to learn more about their favourite breeds.

The day’s visit was not only an exciting opportunity for General Education students to learn more about their four-legged friends, but also contributes towards their on-going work in Employability and Personal Development. Throughout the year, students have undertaken a number of activities which allow and encourage them to develop key skills such as working in a group, helping others and communicating appropriately in familiar and unfamiliar situations. The visit to Crufts allowed students to practise a number of these skills, as well as encouraging them to follow maps and timetables independently, and to manage their time well to make sure they all had chance to see their favourite shows!