Mar 6TH

New Technologies Forge a Growing Future for British Farmers

Food security issues rightly remain a pressing concern as British farmers strive to feed a growing nation. To help produce a greater quantity and quality of food more efficiently and effectively, growers are increasingly turning to new technologies to help them.

Students from the BSc Land Management and Foundation Degree in Agriculture courses attended the ‘Total Crop Management Precision Farming’ event at the East of England showground to learn more. As well as a core hub of trade stands, a number of informative seminars were delivered by practitioners currently implementing precision farming practical methods to increase the farming efficiency of their arable enterprises.

With much debate made of the financial savings associated through variable rate applications of fertilisers, GPS self-steer technology for machinery with associated savings on fuel and the ease of using desk based Geographic Information Systems to manage agri-businesses from the comfort of the farm office, it appears British farming has truly embraced  a range of new technologies and all that they have to offer.

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