May 7TH

Dairy Hero

James Vaughan, herd manager of Moulton College dairy unit in Northamptonshire was chosen as Alltech’s Dairy Hero for April. James was chosen because of his dedication to making a hugely positive impact on the unit and has been the driving force behind the big changes that have made such an impact on the farm. This year, he has been awarded ‘Most Improved Farm’ from his vets and NMR. This has come from his attention to detail especially when it comes to the milking parlour and cow health. Since January, the farm has had no cases of mastitis which is a real achievement in itself! James is looking to make even more improvements to the unit and is especially focussed on lowering lameness in his herd.

Dairy Heroes is an online campaign to highlight innovations, best practices and showcase those dairy farmers who lead the industry. This week, the focus will be on the UK with blog posts, industry articles and expert advice. There will also be interviews with progressive UK dairy farmers and their thoughts on the industry moving forwards.

Alltech are looking for more of these Dairy Heroes to give recognition for their hard work and showcase UK dairy farming to the rest of the world.

This month, the Dairy Heroes UK winner will receive a MIKO (Mycotoxin Hazard Analysis) audit carried out by a skilled member of the Alltech Dairy Advantage team. The winner will also receive a 37+ test, whereby a feed sample is submitted for analysis as part of Alltech’s 37+ Program. This offers farmers a more accurate picture of the level of contamination they face, considering multiple mycotoxins and their impact on animal health and performance. A tailored report and recommendation will be provided to help farmers take steps to manage the mycotoxin challenge.

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