Oct 11TH

My first impressions of Moulton College and Sports Therapy Year 1

OUTSTANDING!! This is the best way to sum up the whole experience so far. I have already experienced a university life after studying Sports Psychology, and after only 2 weeks here at Moulton College the difference in the way they do it compared to my previous “uni” experience is unbelievable.

 My first lecture was in the Chris Moody Sports Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation Centre  and walking through the doors on the first day of my course this place put all my anxiety aside. Such amazing facilities for students to use, state of the art and ultra-modern. Learning new theories and techniques is always challenging but with these facilities on offer at Moulton College will undoubtedly aid us with learning these new skills. The college computer system “moodle” is great, very simple to understand yet full of loads of important and useful information. Also for students who commute into the college everyday moodle allows self-learning at home so much easier.

It’s not just the facilities that are impressive but also the lectures here have impressed me immensely. Professional and always making themselves available to help you if there are things that we don’t understand (even lecturers who aren’t even our course contact) Not only are they professional and helpful, they are genuinely great people, who treat us as individuals, not just another person sat at a desk in front of them. This allows us students to experience a fun and enjoying learning environment which will only benefit us with our progression through the course.

The Sports Therapy course is so interesting, there is so much information to learn with crazy amounts of terminology to get to grips with. The way the course is set out it gives us the best chance to absorb all this information as all the modules relate to each other so the constant recapping and use of the terminology in all lectures is super beneficial. The fact that the course offers a combination of practical and theoretical modules is fun, this allows for all different types of assessments, not all just essay based, which will give the best chances for everyone who does the course to get the best marks, as some people do struggle with solely essay based assessments.

I cannot fault my experiences so far here at Moulton College and every time family and friends ask how I am getting on at college I have only good words and stories to tell about this place.