Sep 13TH



September 12th marked the official opening of the Theodore Payne Collection at the Moulton College Garden Centre which features a combination of 40 Californian native specimens.

 Attended by horticulture students and invited guests, John Wickham - Past President of the Theodore Payne Foundation, opened the garden following an introduction by Steve Davies, Principal of Moulton College.  The Principal noted Payne’s passion for plants and, in particular, education drawing on the similarities between our landscapes and echoed Payne’s promotion of the use of drought tolerant plants in urban design.  The College also extended their thanks to the Finnis Scott Foundation who, together with a private benefactor, assisted in funding the project.

Theodore Payne a native of Northamptonshire moved to California at the turn of the twentieth century. He pursued his life-long passion for Californian Native Plants through introductions and propagation. Payne extolled their virtues in advance of sustainability and biodiversity.

The College is delighted that is can offer the post of Honorary Theodore Payne Research Assistant to help collate information and maintain the collection. It will also be able to monitor the development of the collection particularly in regard to its adaptability to the British climate,


John Wickham officially opens the Theodore Payne Collection.

Principal – Steve Davis being presented the Theodore Payne portrait by John Wickham on behalf of the Theodore Payne Foundation.

John Wickham, Steve Davis Jill Stewart – Theodore Payne Researcher and Adrian Stockdale – Senior Lecturer Horticulture at the opening of the collection.