Research at Moulton


A critical area of education everywhere is research, as it yields results that can have a lasting impact on almost every aspect of life.

We’re no different here at Moulton and research plays a big part in our higher education offer. All students on our HE programmes undertake independent research, which is usually related to their area of interest and overseen by an experienced member of the academic staff.

We are growing our number of postgraduate research students and staff members with research backgrounds all the time, which is leading to direct impacts in a variety of areas within the land-based industries. Examples of current projects being conducted include work in animal welfare, environmental management and equine studies.

In developing our research work, we are working closely with a number of universities such as Northampton, Lancaster, De Montfort in Leicester and Warwick.

Moulton College welcomes collaborations on research with a wide range of organisations in all the academic and industrial subject areas where we currently have teaching provision.

Animal Welfare

The college is well placed to undertake research in the management of our food production systems as well as how we keep animals in captive collections. A number of our staff have gained significant experience through undertaking research in the assessment of welfare of a range of species.

Environmental Management

With natural habitats coming under increasing pressure from development, research that is grounded in environmental monitoring is becoming key to their protection.


Moulton is an established and recognised equine training centre, so are keen to underpin the academic programmes with applied research of value to the equestrian world.


Moulton College conducts a wide range of quality horticultural research and development activities, all of which are directly relevant to the needs of industry

Veterinary Health Studies

Recent investment has been made in a new veterinary clinic at Holcot and the college works in partnership with Abington Park Veterinary Practice.