Evolved over millions of years to combine power with athletic ability, the horse is perfectly built for sporting performance.

In order to maximise these levels of performance and compete at their best, animals must be in peak condition and so research into training methods, nutrition, therapy and maximising natural ability are central to making this happen.

Our superb facilities include an equestrian centre, horse walker, weigh bridge and indoor arena, as well as equipment such as a gait analysis system, heart rate monitors and a body analysis machine, all of which are used for trial work and controlled exercise tests.

Our hi-tech equine therapy centre also includes an equine swimming pool, aqua treadmill, solarium and spa unit, which are currently being used for research into the effects of hydrotherapy on performance and rehabilitation of horses.

As an established and recognised training centre, we are keen to underpin our equine academic programmes with applied research that is of value to the equestrian world and which contributes to improved horse management and welfare.