Scientific research is crucial to the on-going success of the British horticulture industry.  Whether it is controlling pests in gardens or managing the irrigation in large commercial glasshouses, research is needed to optimise the processes.

Moulton College conducts a wide range of quality horticultural research and development activities, all of which are directly relevant to the needs of industry.  A key part of our approach is to engage and work collaboratively with private companies, growers and other universities to produce industry-focused research through cutting edge plant science.  Our research strategy is to take the latest advances in pure plant science and translate them to the improved commercial production of plants.  Our research is funded by a variety of sources, including the Horticulture Development Company (HDC), industrial partnerships with private companies, the Thomas Harrison Trust and The Farmers Club.  

Research activities take place in our dedicated research glasshouses, nursery area, and college laboratories.  Retail studies are conducted in the College’s Garden Centre and arboricultural studies either take place in the College’s arboretum or at a number of research sites on private/public estates in the local area.  Through the success of funding applications we have been able to purchase the laboratory equipment required to study the physiological responses of plants to environmental manipulation and stress.  In addition to scientific research we have a number of staff members actively researching the historical and artistic nature of horticulture, with recent advances being made in heritage horticulture (see dedicated staff research pages for more information).

The college is always seeking exciting new opportunities for horticultural research and would welcome any enquiries and ideas from outside organisations.  We see this activity as being crucial to ensuring our students experience the latest advances in the sector and to allow the college to engage with local, national and international companies to ensure our research and development prepares graduates to effectively meet the current and future needs of industry.