Research Staff - Emily Holden

Emily Holden

Emily Holden

Associate Lecturer/PhD Studentship, Animal Welfare

01604 491131 Extension: 2028

Research Interests and Current Research

Emily’s research interests revolve around the ornamental aquatic industry with a specific focus on issues surrounding companion fish welfare. Ornamental fish are massively underrepresented in regards to research effort and Emily is working towards her PhD, registered at the University of Northampton, to improve the lives of thousands of companion fish. This research will begin with a nationwide survey to establish public opinion and knowledge regarding ornamental fish and their care.

Previous research has involved studies on a critically endangered species of Mexican freshwater fish, Zoogoneticus tequila. Behavioural feeding studies provided information regarding prey preference of juvenile fish in an effort to help sustain viable captive populations until a suitable wild habitat can be maintained.

Areas of Teaching Expertise

  • Taxonomy, Cladistics and Systematics
  • Aquatic Zoology
  • Field Ecology

Selected Recent Publications

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Membership of Professional Bodies

Animal Welfare Research Network (AWRN)

Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW)

Conference Talks

Holden, E. & Hawkins, L. E. (2015) Selective feeding of juvenile Zoogoneticus tequila on zooplankton; implications for the conservation of a critically endangered species. Unpublished poster presentation at: National Aquarium Conference (NAC), 27th November 2015, Birmingham: SEALIFE Centre.

Grants and Funding

2017 Thomas Harrison Trust – PhD project fees and stipend (annual)

Research Students

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