Research Staff - Lauren Samet

Lauren Samet

Lauren Samet

PhD Candidate in Animal Welfare & Management., Animal Welfare & Management

Research Interests and Current Research

Lauren’s research interests are focused upon methods of reducing captive animal stress and anxiety, with emphasis upon the use of herbal nutraceuticals to reduce anxiety.

Her current PhD research is investigating the use of nutraceuticals to improve rodent and canine welfare, and the behavioural and ethical differences between anxiolytics and sedatives in managing companion animal behaviour 

Lauren’s research history includes:

·         Investigation of indoor housed dairy cattle health in relation to Vitamin D status,

·         Genetic analysis of a Lacerta lizard sub-species,

·         Research Assistant for Operation Wallacea, assisting on international biodiversity monitoring projects (including both terrestrial and marine projects),

·         Undergraduate Project Supervisor with Operation Wallacea, focused on traditional dairy farming systems and cow welfare in Romania.

Areas of Teaching Expertise

Animal Husbandry & Handling,

Animal Behaviour & Welfare,

Anatomy and Physiology,

Animal Nutrition,

Undergraduate Research Project Supervision.

Selected Recent Publications

Samet, L. & McCormick, W. (2016) Research: Nutraceutical Project (Letter) Veterinary Record [online] 178 (5): 124. Available from:

Samet, L. & McCormick, W. (2015) Novel escape behaviours from traditional anxiety tests. Unpublished poster presentation at: RSPCA/UFAW Rodent & Rabbit Welfare Group Meeting, October 23rd 2015, University of Newcastle, UK.

Samet, L. & McCormick, W. (2014) Things are looking up for animal nutrition. Unpublished poster presentation at: University of Northampton’s Postgraduate Research Poster Competition, May 2014, University of Northampton, UK.

Membership of Professional Bodies

Member of the Society of Biology.

Member of UFAW

Conference Talks

Samet, L. & McCormick, W. (2016) Market Review of Pet Food Nutraceuticals for Health & Behaviour. In:The 1st Companion Animal Nutrition Conference, in association with the PFMA, June 3rd 2016. Northampton: Moulton College.

Samet, L. & McCormick, W. (2016) The efficacy of herbal nutraceuticals in captive animal welfare. In: The Centre of Animal Welfare & Anthrozoology Seminar series, March 7th 2016. Cambridge: The University of Cambridge Vetinary School.

Samet, L. & McCormick, W. (2016) Research into the efficiency of nutraceuticals in captive animal welfare. In: The University of Northampton’s School of Science & Technology Research Conference 2016, March 2nd 2016. Northampton: University of Northampton.

Samet, L. & McCormick, W. (2015) The use of a test battery to ascertain efficacy of herbal supplements in rats. In: The 7th Annual Moulton College Research Symposium, December 11 2015. Northampton: Moulton College.

Samet, L. & McCormick, W. (2014) Traditional behavioural tests for anxiety: Are they working outside the laboratory?. In: The 6th Annual Moulton College Research Symposium, December 2014. Northampton: Moulton College.

Samet, L. & McCormick, W. (2013) The efficacy of nutraceuticals for improving captive animal welfare. In: The 5th Annual Moulton College Research Symposium, December 2013. Northampton: Moulton College.

Grants and Funding

Part Sponsorship by Dodson & Horrell

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