Research Staff - Adnan Haq

Adnan Haq

Adnan Haq

Associate Lecturer / PhD Student, Sports Studies

Research Interests and Current Research

Previous research has focused on exercise physiology in extreme environments and exercise-induced muscle damage. MRes project examined the repeated bout effect for muscle damage on subsequent thermoregulation and heat tolerance during exercise in heat stress.

Current PhD project at Moulton examining the efficacy and physiological effects of whole body cryotherapy chamber treatment for the purpose of muscle recovery, sports performance and soft tissue injury repair. This will be utilising the cryotherapy unit at the Chris Moody Rehabilitation Centre.

Areas of Teaching Expertise

Current FE teaching in Sports Studies department includes BTEC Level 3 modules such as Anatomy for Sport and Exercise; Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport; Sport and Exercise Physiology; Physiology of Fitness; Exercise, Health and Lifestyle; Practical Team Sports.

Selected Recent Publications

Dolci, A., Fortes, M. B., Walker, F. S., Haq, A., Riddle, T., Walsh N. P. (2015). ‘Repeated muscle damage blunts the increase in heat strain during subsequent exercise heat stress’. European Journal of Applied Physiology. 115(7), p1577-88

Membership of Professional Bodies

British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES)