Research Staff - Dominic Langdon

Dominic Langdon

Dominic Langdon

Lecturer, Sports Studies, Sports Studies

+44(0)1604 491131 Extension: 2503

Research Interests and Current Research

Past research has included the investigation into the effects of caffeine on mood and muscular strength in older adults. However, the attention is now on the effects of blood occlusion/ blood flow restriction training on balance and postural sway in older adults.  

Areas of Teaching Expertise

Blood occlusion training (KAATSU)

Neuromuscular physiology

Self-myofascial release

Selected Recent Publications

Tallis, J., Duncan, M.J., Leddington-Wright, S., Eyre, E.L.J., Bryant, E., Langdon, D. and James, R.S. (2013) ‘Assessment of the Ergogenic effect of Caffeine Supplementation on Mood, Anticipation Timing, and Muscular Strength in Older Adults.’ Physiological Reports 1 (3) 1-10


Duncan, M.J., Tallis, J., Leddington-Wright, S., Eyre, E.L.J., Bryant, E. and Langdon, D. (2014) ‘The Effect of Acute Caffeine Ingestion on Coincidence Anticipation Timing in Younger and Older Adults.’ Nutritional Neuroscience 17 (5), 234-238

Membership of Professional Bodies

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Member of the Society of Sport Therapists

Conference Talks

Langdon, D.A. The Effects of Self Myofasical release in a Warm-up Protocol on Peak Force and the Rate of Force Development when Performing a Countermovement Jump. Moulton College 3rd Symposium. December. 2014

Grants and Funding

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Research Students

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